Dancing Banana Loop

Team Banana

It's decided: bananas are a dessert.

Refresh this page for a random banana fact


Ben says: hi.
Jacob says: Banana Gang
Phillip says: I like bananas
asdasd says: asdasdasd
Daniel says: This is objectively better than the Dal app
Minion says: Minions love bananas
Cool Dude says: alert("What is popping gamers!"); Nice try ;)
Alex Bailey says: Cause why tf not?
Zach says: I know someone who eats an entire bunch of bananas every day, and I feel like I need to support them.
Andrew says: It's the most versatile healthy snack. Quicker to eat than an apple, easier to peel than an orange, and more filling than both.
Chanidu says: Because its sugary, healthy, and vegan
Axel says: Banana 🍌
Daniel says: because it's a dessert dummy
Dusan Djordjevic says: why not
Trent says: I like the
Justin says: I had to support this cause, solely because I like the dancing banana.
Duncan says: Bruh
Shaoqin says: no reson
Sullivan says: Banana Gang rise up
Jamel says: I rediscovered my love of bananas today. I need to show my love.